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The 24hr Automated Teller Machines (ATM) that are deployed in every branch of the Bank allows you to bank with us 24/7. We issue a free ATM at the time of opening an account with us. As our secure ATM card functions as a debit card, you should have enough balances when making a payment for goods and services availed or transfer to another account with us. The flexibility the ATM's provide is multifold:

 Free of carrying large amount of cash in hand.

 Withdraw cash subject to a limit depending on the account type and location of branches.

 Make cash and cheque deposits.

 Make balance enquiries and obtain mini-statement for recent ten transactions.

 Request cheque books and full account statements which will be dispatched to your postal address given to the Bank for correspondence.

 Payments of utilities bill like electricity, water, telephone bills.

 Payment for goods and services. Experience the convenience of this channel and save time for your busy lifestyle