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Electronic Cards

prepaid card

Don't need a bank account.
Quick release and write customer name on it .
Valid for one year and ability to renew the subscription and recharge .
Cash debit via ATM .
Payment by procurement device POS inside and outside Iraq.
Can use it in all stores and ATM in all of the world .
Gives you instants and monthly account statements service that make you can control your expanses and purchases .
You can reservation your travel tickets or hotels in around of the world or purchase
from Internet without extra charge .
when you loss it or stolen you can stop the card and issue new one .
the issuing by only 10$ .
the minimum for charge 50$ and maximum 5,000$.

debit card

Need Iraqi account.
Use on Internet.
It s can be withdraw from any place in world.
In the currents will be exchange on the rate of central Iraqi bank.
Can be used in all markets.
Can be withdrawing 2,000,000 IQD on three times per day.

credit card

Its have two type of credit card (gold & platinum)
Platinum card have the high rate to withdraw maximum 20000 $ minimum 5000$ and s should be in a open insurance account .
Gold credit card cum the second choice with the 15000$ maximum and 5000$ minimum
Total withdraw per day not exceed 7000$ for Internet needs and not more than 2000$ for personal withdraw per day
Will be charge for each withdraw ATM machine