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 Direct Investing

o Share Dealing
We provide advisory services and trading facilities for investment in equities and bonds in the secondary market. Buying of equity shares during Initial Public Offering and purchase of bonds (Sukuks) at issue are also facilitated.

o Funds
We provide funds on behalf of multinational fund houses and our customers can choose to buy into the funds at his/her sole discretion.

o Systematic Investment Plan
We provide facilities to invest systematically based on your monthly savings in asset classes of your choice-equity, gold, fx or other bespoke products.

 Mudaraba By acting as the Mudarib, we invest the funds and the profits are shared with the customer-the Rabb ul Mal based on Shariah compliant principles.
The customer can deposit specific sum of money at definite intervals of 1m, 3m, 6m, 9m and a year and has the option to withdraw certain amount of profits at varied intervals.

Investments in capital markets, forex market and commodities market are subject to risk and fluctuation in prices and the Bank is not liable to such risk and fluctuations