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We offer Shariah compliant banking and financing services at our branches as well as through our ATMs. Basic Banking to Specialised Banking is provided to customers from all walks of life. As soon as you approach us, we will build a relationship that progress to cater all your financial needs. Priority Banking is rendered to priority customers who meet a certain criteria. The Banking Channels are multifold:

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Branch Banking ATM Banking Internet Banking Mobile Banking

Support via our CALL CENTRE We welcome you to earn a profit on your cash by making deposits through opening account. Our Deposit base is growing with our assured returns on the deposits. Profit is credited to your account based on your choice of tenure and account opted. You may utilize your deposit by availing a loan against the deposit. You may send and receive money for various purposes and we offer different payment/receipt methods. We provide foreign exchange services and investment services.Financial and Banking inclusion will help our customers change their life to the better