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Project Finance

We provide finance for projects of government, public and private entities through a number of Shariah compliant products.

We purchase assets on the promise of leasing by you for an agreed period at fixed and variable rents to be paid over an agreed period after which the ownership may be transferred to you.

We buy specified items for you under contract of Istisna'a and sell it to you on cash installment or on deferred payment basis. We may also sell under the Istisna'a in the capacity of seller to those who demand a purchase and then draw a parallel Istisna'a contract in the capacity of buyer. We help the progressive construction industry in Iraq for their Build Operate Transfer through Istisna'a.

We finance new and existing projects through Musharaka such that the capital and profit is shared between you and us.

We provide Murabaha contract at a pre –agreed price so that you can have the goods you need for smooth running of the business