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About Us

Elaf Islamic Bank was incorporated as 'Al Baraka for Investment and Finance' in the year 2001 with an initial capital of Iraqi Dinar (IQD) 2 billion. The Bank transformed its operation to Islamic Banking from Conventional Banking in 2007 with an increase in capital of IQD 8 billion. In the subsequent years, the tangible equity share capital was augmented to IQD 20 billion in 2009, IQD 50 billion in 2010, IQD 100 billon in 2011 and IQD 152 billion in 2012. The Bank has no debt in its capital structure and has a risk adjusted capital adequacy ratio of 18% in 2012 which is well above the limit stipulated by the Central Bank of Iraq and Basel II Accord. The asset and liability are well managed with prudent risk policies and oversight as well as advice of the Board. The Bank got listed in Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) in 2011 with the ticker BELF. Our concept is to offer convenient technologically advanced banking channels as well as simultaneously maintain enhanced interpersonal relationship with our customers. We cater individuals, corporate and financial institutions for their varied requirements with our products and services that are Shariah compliant and customizable. We appreciate and encompass high moral values, integrity and professionalism in our banking practice that not only considers our clients, shareholders and banking peers but also the communities and the environment at large.